Door draw-in damper

GEZE ActiveStop glass, surface-mounted * Door damper on both sides for glass swing doors in the indoor area

  • Door opening angle with variable adjustment from 80°-110°
  • Can be used for right and left hand doors without conversion
  • Soft opening and closing of doors up to max. 45 kg leaf weight
  • Gentle stopping, quiet closing and comfortable keeping open of doors
  • Practically eliminates slamming doors, trapped fingers, and damage to walls and furniture
  • Secure holding of the door when open, meaning no door is stopper necessary
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  • Opening and latching speed when installed can be set via a valve
  • Integrated safety valve offers overload protection
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Door damper on both sides for glass swing doors in the indoor area

Application Areas

  • Right and left glass single action doors with wooden frame indoors
  • Room doors with high access convenience
  • Single-action doors up to 1100 mm leaf width
  • Barrier-free access in accordance with DIN 18040

Technical data

GEZE ActiveStop glass, surface-mounted
Depth 34 mm
Height 68 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 45 kg
Leaf width (max.) 1100 mm
Leaf material Glass
Identical design for DIN left and DIN right FALSE
Installation type surface-mounted
Draw-in damper in direction of closing movement from 25 °
Free swing area 25 ° - 60 °
Draw-in damper in direction of opening movement from 60 °
Door opening angle 80 ° - 110 °
Secured final position Safe holding of the door in the open position, no door stop needed
Safety valve againts overload Yes


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