Locking drives

E 90X * Integrated locking drive for more safety for large window leaves

  • The drive is located in the profile and therefore does not impair the appearance of the window
  • Integrated installation offers additional protection against contamination
  • Easy installation without additional profile processing
  • Meets high specifications in terms of wind load, sealing in the event of rain and air tightness
  • Electronic position detection that unlocks the window before opening it
  • Electronic end-position cut-off offers protection against incorrect operation and overloading
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  • High tensile and compressive force for up to six locking points
  • Locking and unlocking in five seconds
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Integrated locking drive for more safety for large window leaves

Application Areas

  • Integrated locking drive as system solution in combination with the IQ windowdrive Slimchain, Powerchain and E 250 NT window drives
  • Additional safety and protection against weather conditions
  • Suitable for natural ventilation, smoke and heat extraction systems (SHEV)
  • Inward opening windows with bottom-hung and side-hung leaves
  • Suitable for Schüco AWS TT and Wicona Wicline Evo profile systems, as well as other commercially available systems
  • Integrated installation

Technical data

E 90X
Possible stroke heights 18 mm
Opening speed ventilation 3.6 mm/s
Compressive force 400 N
Tensile force 400 N
Voltage at operation ± 25 %, ± 25 %
Operating voltage 24 N
Current consumption 1 A
Power consumption 24 W
Duty rating 30 %
Connection cable length 60 mm
min. core dimension 0.75 mm²
Number of cables 4 cores
Temperature range -5°C...+75°C
IP rating IP40
protection rating III
Overload cut-off Yes
SHEV tested Yes
Bottom-hung window INWARD-opening leaf installation Yes


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